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  2. Eastman

    ?Eastman Supplier Awards

    Setting the standard in supplier excellence
    Established in 1993, the Eastman Supplier Excellence Program (ESEP) focuses on building and improving Eastman’s relationships with its suppliers. ESEP provides a continuous process to ensure materials, equipment and services of the highest quality are supplied to Eastman at the best value.

    Recognizing superior suppliers:

    Annually, Eastman recognizes suppliers that have performed above and beyond the expectations we have set through the Eastman Supplier Excellence Program.

    Excellence Award
    Given to suppliers who meet on-time delivery requirements, conform to order specifications, and prove continual improvement through significant, documented value-add projects.


    Improvement Award
    Given to suppliers who have made significant and steady improvement to meet on-time delivery and order specifications. In this category, stakeholders agree the supplier has strong potential to reach "Excellence" level in the future.

    Innovation Award
    Given to suppliers who have demonstrated a significant innovation which adds major value to Eastman. This could include a new technology, new or improved process, or a value-adding project.

    Sustainability Award
    Given to suppliers who have demonstrated significant and new improvements for Eastman in one or more of the following areas: waste and recycling; natural resources and/or material content; and energy and emission.

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