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  2. Eastman

    Invoice Inquiries

    • Eastman's Purchase Order Number should be marked on the invoice. Invoices submitted without an Eastman Purchase Order number will result in a delay in payment.  
    • Handwritten Invoices will no longer be accepted. 
    • Invoice Submission Methods:
    Submission Method Instructions
    Ariba NetworkSuppliers transacting with Eastman on the Ariba Network should submit invoices through the Ariba Network. Credit memos cannot be transmitted through the Ariba Network and should be e-mailed or mailed using the information below.
    EDI & Supplier PortalSuppliers currently submitting their invoices via EDI or Eastman's Supplier Portal should continue to do so.

    Invoices meeting the requirements below may be e-mailed to uspoinv@eastman.com.

    E-Mail Requirements:

    • Have a valid Eastman Purchase Order Number on the invoice.
    • Cannot be handwritten.
    • Invoices submitted via e-mail must be a .PDF document. No other file formats are allowed.
    • Only 1 invoice per .PDF file.
    • Can send multiple .PDF files in one e-mail

    Only Invoices should be sent to uspoinv@eastman.com.

    Statements and payment inquiries should continue to be e-mailed to acctpayable@eastman.com.

    Hard Copy Invoices

    Hard Copy/Paper invoices should be mailed to:

    Accounts Payable
    P.O. Box 511
    Kingsport, TN 37662


    Credit Memos. Credit memos are required for all invoice adjustments. Credit memos maybe e-mailed to uspoinv@eastman.com or mailed to the Accounts Payable address listed above.


    For payment inquiries please email acctpayable@eastman.com and include the PO number, Shipment number, Bill of Lading number as appropriate. To be set up for on-line invoice inquiries for immediate feedback, please contact one of the following email addresses and instructions will be provided.

    Logistics Carrier:   frtrate@eastman.com

    Indirect or Direct Supplier:   smeportal@eastman.com


    If you are already set up with access to the Eastman Carrier Portal or the Eastman Supplier Portal, you can inquire through these links:

    Logistics Carrier:  https://carrierportal.eastman.com/login.aspx

    Indirect or Direct Supplier:  https://smeportal.eastman.com/login.aspx

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